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Helpful Hints from a Celebrant

Ok, so here’s the thing …It all starts at the ceremony.

So you want to make sure that the two of you enjoy this right?  I mean really enjoy it!
To be totally present and in the moment every step of the way on your special day.

Because let’s face it, you cant wake up the next day and say ….”hmmm nope … don’t really remember that part ,can we do it again please?”!

So here are a few little helpful hints to make this day Awesome …

No 1 – Get to know  your Celebrant
Why? Because you need to feel safe comfortable and at ease with the person who is officially going to pronounce you as a married couple. Personally it’s not my style to give couples 15 mins, I like to have a meet and greet for about an hour, in a relaxed environment and get to know your dynamic as a couple …and for you to get to know me too. It’s all about building a rapport and having that trust and confidence. Believe me when I tell you it makes a HUGE  difference on the day.

One of my really beautiful, nervous Brides Katy  recently did this review for me …

“An absolutely amazing woman! We couldn’t have felt more at ease than we did with Tarnya, her professionalism and friendly, happy personality were incredible. I would highly recommend Tarnya to anybody. Thank you for being amazing.”

it made me so grateful and thankful because she did get to enjoy every single minute of the ceremony …That’s what I’m here for. To guide and look after you and make sure it all comes together just how you envisaged

No 2 – Don’t tell everyone what you are doing
Have a little bit of the “shhhhhhh” factor and keep it all a surprise . The reason I say this is because, well…..if you tell people what you are doing they seem to think that’s a little bit of an open invitation for their opinion! lol ( bless them )…so by saying nothing you can avoid awkward moments.

No 3 – Family
Ahhhhh yes, this one can tend to be a little challenging. Although family mean well, they sometimes forget whose day it actually is. But you must remember to have respect integrity and to compromise especially if your families are helping you with financing the wedding . The key to avoiding arguments is to make sure you and your wedded partner to be are on the same page. Stand as a united front so maybe when you are chatting with your families, use the word ‘we’ have discussed and decided …instead of ‘I’ have decided . Manners and respect can go a long way.

No 4 – Get others to help
Make sure you have allocated jobs to people, especially on the actual wedding day. The Bridesmaids need to know what their roles are in helping you as the Bride. Checklists and a timetable is great! The day normally starts super early with hair and makeup,so make sure you have coffee and food water water water throughout the day. What time are the flowers due? Who’s collecting them? When is the photographer due? We never plan to fail but sometimes we fail to plan, so get that plan in place.

No 5 – Remember what it  is all about
Don’t forget why you are doing this!  Try not to lose sight of what you are actually doing. I know it’s all exciting and can sometimes be a tad overwhelming, but remember you are getting married! That’s the first and foremost, the rest is a wonderful party and celebration.  You should be in absolute bliss the day after your Wedding because that’s when your marriage begins. 🙂 And when you hire professional suppliers that absolutely adore what they do…. we will all go over and beyond to make sure your Wedding day is absolutely perfect for you.

This should absolutely be the very best day of your lives, so let help you make that dream day come true

Cheers for now!



Tarnya Bennett is a well respected and much loved celebrant offering her services to couples in South East Queensland. Tarnya has been the recipient of multiple awards including being named Australia’s #1 celebrant (as voted by wedding couples). Check Tarnya’s website below for more information about her or to make contact with her.

Author: Tarnya Bennett
Website: www.idoforyou.com.au

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